Accreditation Process

SAEME-CFM is based on the work by a group of researchers who developed an instrument to evaluate medical schools in Brazil, based on such aspects as their context and institutional policy, pedagogical project, educational program, faculty and students, and infrastructure.

It is an evaluation process that uses the concepts of sufficiency and insufficiency, instead of being classificatory. The system also allows for the identification of areas of educational excellence and those which need improvement.

The process encompasses online completion of a questionnaire covering five standards (Educational Management, Educational Program, Academic Staff/Faculty, Students, and Educational Resources), data analysis by an evaluation committee; and a visit to the medical school by a team composed of four evaluators, one of them being a student.

After this process, the evaluation committee issues a report to the educational institution with the final result, which can be classified into three categories: Accredited, Accredited with recommendations of improvement, and Non-Accredited.